Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Oriental Cookbook

The Oriental Cookbook, 50 recipes with 50  color photos with 109 pages 6 inch x 8 inch on 5 countries recipes: Thai, Indonesia, North Indian, Philippines and Singapore.

You can easily follow the simple steps to make Thai Pineapple Rice, Tom Yam Soup, Curry Prawns and Ladies Fingers, Hainanese Chicken Rice or Chili Crab.  Eat the healthy way and immune yourself as shown below.

*  Broccoli lowers your blood pressure
*  Carrots release cancer-fighting betacarotene
*  Garlic reduces cholesterol levels, fight acute infections and eases
    circulatory problems.
*  Ginger fights germs and stimulate your blood circulation
*  Mushroom immune your body against sickness and disease
*  Drink green tea and its anti-oxidants will help detoxify free radicals,
    cancer-causing agents

Asian flavours and cooking techniques are illustrated in step-by-step method and shown in the photographs to ensure fantastic results everytime you cook in the comfort of your home.

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