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Recipe: Fried Beef with Green Pepper and Pineapple

Another sample recipe from the Asian Chinese Cookbook
Fried Beef with Green Pepper and Pineapple

250g beef
1 green pepper
1 slice of pineapple
1 tbsp sliced onion
1 tsp chopped garlic
2 slices ginger

1 thsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp black soya sauce
1 tbsp Chinese rice wine
1 tsp sesame oil
1/4 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp cornstarch
1/4 tsp salt pepper
3 tbsp water

1. Wash clean the beef and slice against the grain and  marinate with the seasonings for half an hour.  Cut the green pepper, pineapple and slice the onion.
2. Heat the soya bean oil in the pan and fry the garlic onion ginger for 3 min.
3. Add the seasoned beef and fry for 5 min and pour the seasoning on the beef.
4. Stir fry the beef with the seasoning until it boils and dish to plate.
5. Add 1 tbsp oil to the pan and fry the green pepper, pineapple and add salt and pepper and fry for 5 min.
6. Pour the fried beef and stir fry with the vege for 1 min and pour to plate.
7. Serve hot with fragrant white rice.

Serves 4
Preparation time: 10 min
Cooking time: 8 min

Enjoy your cooking and food!

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